Plasma technology stimulates solution delivery through the skin with membrane potential effect and then Ultrasound gives physical pressure on serum micro particles so they get absorbed into the deep skin layer. By this technology, aestheticians are able to provide a wide range of customized premium programs with effect of DDS (Drug Delivery System)

Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter along with the other forms of solid, liquid and gas. Plasma may be the most abundant form of ordinary matter, although this hypothesis is currently tentative based on the existence and its properties.

Generates high power and stable plasma.
By emitting plasma on the skin, membrane potential affects absorption of solution molecules in deep skin, while plasma sterilizes and boosts regeneration of the skin cells.

Increases solution penetration through stable 3Mhz ultrasound.
Delivers stable ultrasound energy to the electrode so that solution particles spreads and absorbs in deeper skin layer by the physical pressure effect of ultrasound.

Specially designed square shape of plasma protection cap delivers plasma into the skin. The most efficient way without interruption of dust and minimise bumping risk.