Cryo Fat Reduction is a treatment method of natural fat cell apoptosis by applying controlled cool.

The cooling energy affects adipocites in the subcutaneous fat layer only without any damage to surrounding tissues and it leads adipocites to cell death.

Multi Applicator Type

Various treatment areas with ONE multi applicator!



MICOOL Features:

  • Efficacy approved by Medical Article accepted in SCI level medical journal (Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy)
  • Optimized algorithm based on temperature, pressure and time
  • Profitable operation with reasonably consumable price
  • 2 applicators work at the same time
  • Different types of applicators (Wide, Normal, Narrow & Flat)
  • Automatic operating system (Minimizing doctor’s attention time)
  • Effective without pain and anesthesia
  • Preventing frostbite with Built-In sensor
  • High performance chiller (safe & stable during treatment)
  • High performance motor (Maximize treatment volume & minimize noise
  • KFDA Certification for Non-invasive lipolysis
  • Equivalence product (certificate of permission No.10-481) for KFDA
  • Certification