• Doublo is the latest HIFU system specialized for Face Lifting and Tightening.

    What is HIFU(High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology?

    HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a highly precise medical procedure using high-intensity focused ultrasound to heat and destroy tissue rapidly.

    The strongest feature of HIFU technology is that it can deliver the energy to deeper layer where other traditional technologies never can reach.

    Color Blind HIFU! No limitation of skin color. HIFU doesn't know Melanin and doesn't response to Melanin. That is, HIFU can treat all patients no matter what skin color they have.

  • GENTLO is the first innovative RF device unified with PLASMA technology. It can maximize the synergy skin treatment effect from the epidermis to the dermis and delivers optimal result such as lifting, tightening and skin revitalization overall.

    RF-Microneedle All insulated and non-insulated needle type -  up to 2000 shots. Ideal for resurfacing, acne and hypertrophic  scars, stretch marks, tightening. PLASMA Plasma technology for absorption of solution molecules in deep skin, sterilization, tightening. Unique feature and technology. Proven treatment results by clinical trials. RF-Needle RF Monopolar - 1pin needle - for selective sebaceous glands destruction. No damage to the epidermis, treating acne fundamentally,  preventing recurrence. RF-Circle RF Monopolar    Use for before and after acne treatment and general skin rejuvenation. RF-Vaginal RF Monopolar  (Bar type) –  Non-invasive, non-ablative, non-surgical radiofrequency treatment for women. Specially ergonomic designed curved handpiece for vaginal rejuvenation & tightening, colpoxerosis.
  • Cryo Fat Reduction is a treatment method of natural fat cell apoptosis by applying controlled cool.

    The cooling energy affects adipocites in the subcutaneous fat layer only without any damage to surrounding tissues and it leads adipocites to cell death.

    Multi Applicator Type

    Various treatment areas with ONE multi applicator!

  • PICOHI is a picosecond laser that offers two wavelengths, which is 1064nm and 532nm, enabling the stable 300ps pulse duration and it can effectively treat pigmentation lesions with high peak power of 1.67GW. The key PICOHI's technology, 'Real 300 picosecond' which relies mostly on the photo-mechanical \effect not the photo-thermal effect, makes the effective treatments achieved by minimizing damages to surrounding tissues and by efficient laser delivery only to the target tissue.

    Experience, the new photoacoustic effect!

    Next generation pco laser, Real 300ps pulse duration. Stable technology providing pulse duration of 300ps

    Non-photothermal effect, Photomechanical effect treatment Upgraded from photothermal effect treatment, photomechanical effect treatment allows selective treatment on targeted areas. Various handpieces for improving of skin rejuvenation DOE & MLA handpieces can provide various types of treatment in multiple sizes and depths depending on the treatment area.

  • Plasma technology stimulates solution delivery through the skin with membrane potential effect and then Ultrasound gives physical pressure on serum micro particles so they get absorbed into the deep skin layer. By this technology, aestheticians are able to provide a wide range of customized premium programs with effect of DDS (Drug Delivery System)

    WHAT IS PLASMA? Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter along with the other forms of solid, liquid and gas. Plasma may be the most abundant form of ordinary matter, although this hypothesis is currently tentative based on the existence and its properties.

    PLAPASS Generates high power and stable plasma. By emitting plasma on the skin, membrane potential affects absorption of solution molecules in deep skin, while plasma sterilizes and boosts regeneration of the skin cells.

    SONOPASS Increases solution penetration through stable 3Mhz ultrasound. Delivers stable ultrasound energy to the electrode so that solution particles spreads and absorbs in deeper skin layer by the physical pressure effect of ultrasound.

    PLAPASS SQUARE TIP Specially designed square shape of plasma protection cap delivers plasma into the skin. The most efficient way without interruption of dust and minimise bumping risk.

  • SLIMUS is a non-invasive lipolysis body contouring system and it is effective at decreasing stubborn fat. 1060nm diode laser provides high penetration depth while having a minimal absorption in dermis. The LVAT (Laser Vibration Alliance Technology) synchronizes with the laser for the synergy of effective fat reduction.

    HOW SLIMUS WORKS The laser thermal effect and vibration affects only the adipocytes in the subcutaneous fat layer, protecting the skin with a cooling system. The technology is leading fat cells to death by apoptosis.