Make Every Facial an Oxygen-Enriched Service
OxyOasis: a low cost, high value, oxygen-enriched facial spray system.

OxyOasis will generate immediate new revenue as a stand-alone service or complement your existing menu.
It is perfect for the start-up entrepreneur as well as established businesses looking for inexpensive add-on services.
This versatile device is fully customizable to provide an endless range of effective, soothing facials specific to the needs of
your clients.

New! ENHANCE Results and Offer Amazing FACIALS at an Affordable Price

OxyOasis Concentrator
OxyOasis is a non-medical aesthetic oxygen concentrator, that filters ambient air to provide the user with an uninterrupted flow of highly concentrated, oxygen-enriched air. Not for breathing purposes

Micro Mist Spray Brush
The Micro Mist Spray Brush envelops the face with a refreshing, oxygen-enriched mist. Incorporate skincare products into the spray brush reservoir to dispense skincare and oxygen-enriched air in one easy movement for beautiful, dewy skin.



Fresh & Beautiful, Dewy Skin
• Complements all skincare products & facial services
• Effective for all skin types
• Simple and easy to use
• Low maintenance