Nithya Body is indicated in the stimulation of connective tissue regeneration in the dermis following beauty treatments, creating optimal conditions for the physiological formation of collagen. NITHYA BODY is especially indicated for cases of flabbiness, correcting imperfections in the body such as hypotrophy, cutaneous hypotonia, and reduced elasticity of the skin.

NITHYA BODY must be made up into a suspension immediately before use, by mixing with distilled water for injections in the ratio of 200 mg collagen/10 ml water. Once the suspension is made up, it must be used immediately and any remaining product must be discarded. The product is disposable. The product is administered by intradermal infiltration.
Use 30 G needles (4 to 13 mm). The choice of needle to be used is at the doctor’s discretion and depends on the area to be treated. To ensure a perfect seal and avoid the product leaking during administration, make sure the needle is firmly attached to the syringe. NITHYA BODY is specifically indicated in the stimulation of the fibroblastic cellular mechanism, with the formation of the endogenous collagen responsible for the development of new fibroblasts.