The new Coolite BOLT is a high power diode laser platform, which equips with triple wavelengths and larger spot size handle. Coolite BOLT adopts Ultra Short Pulse and High Peak Power, delivering short pulses to destroy hair follicle with lightning fast speed. Patented Dual Cooling Engine design enables durable working, protecting the skin surface from burning risk and making the treatment unparalleled comfortable and virtually painfree.


3 Combined Wavelengths, Larger Spot Size

Except for the 810nm handle, the new Trio handle combines 755/810/1064nm wavelength into a single handpiece. It releases triple wavelength laser simultaneously to target different depth of hair follicle. The benifit of 3 wavelengths are utilized for optimum coverage and penetration to reach a ultimate hair removal result. The enlarged spot size (10*20 mm) achieves faster treatment and saves operators’ time.