Cog is made of polydioxanone thread which has barbs on the surface.

Unwanted wrinkles, cellulite, adipose tissue accumulation , skin overload.

Treatment in patients:

  • Over the age of 35
  • After sudden weight loss
  • After pregnancy
  • In photo-hardened skins
  • With genetically thin (transparent) skin

Sterile polydioxanone threads (3D COG)

  • NEEDLE. Round-edged sharpness minimizes the damage of blood vessel.
  • Cannula R type. Blunt needle is deal to prevent the damage of inner skin tissues and blood vessels that leads to bruise and swelling with it’s sharpness.
  • Cannoula L type. Advantage of blunt needle and smooth separation of suture from the cannula.


  • Trusted technique with long-lasting results
  • Immediate, comfortable, painless and safe small-scale surgery without remaining scars
  • Efficient cost versus result
  • Minor recovery time